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DIY: Burglary Proof Your Home Now

Safe Keeping

Don't hide your Keys. Hiding your keys is not a good idea. You won't check to see if the key is there everyday, therefore the days it's missing without your knowledge means someone has your key and you don't know who or how long they have had it. There are other ways to make it nearly impossible to lock yourself out. Try a lock box that can be bolted in the side of your home, or the lock box with the shackle to hook around a water pipe. Call us on free quotes on keyless entry for your home or business. They are much more affordable than you might think. 707-621-5397, ask for Josh.

Lock Down

Lock all your doors and windows when leaving your home. All entry doors should have a deadbolt on it. Deadbolts can not be credit carded. Make sure the bolt fully extends into the door frame. If it does not, it can be scooted inward with a flat metal tool. I.E. screw driver. Ensure you use and set your security alarm. Take the time to ensure your and your family are safe with these simple checks around your home or business.

Keep Up Appearances

Maintain your property. Criminals are less likely to attempt a break in attempt if your home or business is well kept with it's appearance.

Don't advertise your valuables. Look through your window, do you see lots of items you'd want to steal? Leave a small light on. Leaving a light on makes it look like there's someone up and alert. And last but not least, do not post on social media that you are on vacation. Criminals love to see that you won't be home when they want to stop by for a visit.

Be a good neighbor! If we watch out for one another, we are safer together than isolated by yourself. Suspicious vehicles and people should be recognized and asked about.

Call Lock Stop and Key for more information about your home or business. Call for free estimates today. 707-621-5397

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