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Cabinets, drawer and mail box locks installed.

Lock Stop and Key can install cam locks for drawers and cabinets in your home or business.

There are several reasons why it's a good idea to lock up your goods. Care Homes, businesses, banks and offices have several of these installed in most cases.

If not, give us a call and we can provide free quotes on a custom installed locking cabinet or drawer.

Is your cam lock is loose?

If you have a cam lock you might have noticed it gets lose often. Maybe it turns and shifts making it unsafe. On the backside it's important to reinforce the cam on the back. This extra plate will prevent any give, securing the doors as needed.

Got a locking mail box?

Mail box locks should be changed if you are not sure if previous tenants may have the key or you can't find the spare. We get calls all the time asking about them so we keep a good stock of a large variety of mail box locks.

Your home, apartment complex or rental. If you think someone has your key, it may be time to have us replace it with a new one.

Give us a call if you'd like to replace your mail box lock. (707) 621-5397.

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