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Who has been at your door step?

The Ring Doorbell will tell you! Introducing a new product Lock Stop offers, for customers who would like to have video straight to your cell phone so you can check it anytime you'd like.

This doorbell provides motion sensing, when set off it will send you a video to your cell phone "Ring" app you download for free.

Share video's with your neighbors who also have this device. See when packages arrive or when they mysteriously disappear. Each video is saved and time stamped for easy access and viewing. Pause, rewind and even speak through the Ring device with your phone. Must have wifi at location.

You will get notifications on your cell phone at the moment someone is sensed at the door of your choice. This can replace your existing door bell or can be mounted where ever you choose. It does take a battery that needs charging only once a year.

Key points:

  1. Knowing when someone approaches your door.

  2. Automatically records video and voice

  3. Speak through your device with your smart phone

  4. Suspicious activity? Share the video with neighbors

  5. Easy install and a rechargable battery that lasts

Ring doorbell

Lock Stop and key can provide and install this product for you today. Call us for quotes and installation prices now. Call us (707) 858-5397

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