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Building Fire Code? Need a quote?

Exterior doors in homes and businesses not only provide security, but they also serve as a vital means of egress during a fire or other emergency. Building codes help to ensure that exterior doors are built and installed to meet these and other demands. Depending on where these doors are installed, contractors and manufacturers may be required to adhere to a variety of building codes that govern everything from construction to size to which way the door swings.

Has the fire inspector paid a visit to your building lately? If so, we have your solution. We can come by to look at your hardware setup and figure out a good way to make your facility safe and easy to evacuate if necessary. This is your fire inspectors bottom line. The codes are in place for a good reason and to keep people safe from being trapped inside a facility where a fire could irrupt. Fire can travel quickly.

We also install "Delayed Egress" electronic hardware for department stores and any facility who is in need of a timed release to exit the building.

Fire inspector, fire code, exit devices

Here is a good example of a bad example of how to secure your building, while making it very dangerous if you must exit immediately in case of an emergency.

According to ADA standards, all exterior doors must measure at least 32 inches wide when opened to 90 degrees. The threshold height can be no higher than 3/4 inch, and hardware must be placed at no higher than 48 inches above the finished floor.

This set up is to show the many different devices that we have seen on doors that are illegal and hazardous.

We do pool gate locks. Gate locks are all different. Although most are single man opening doors, they all need locks of some sort to keep the interior safe. In this case, we have installed a panic bar for quick exit with a key function on the exterior for those who have access to the pool, may use their key for entry.

These keys are "Do not Duplicate" stamped.

This facility had us replace the closers along with double door panic bar s. These bars will pass inspection along with being safe for people to exit with a push on the bar.

Lock Stop and Key is ready to take a look at your doors and give you some advice on hardware that will make it safe.

Call us at (707) 621-5397

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