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There was a break-in!?

Home robberies and commercial break ins especially have been on the rise in Sonoma County. The images posted below are some examples of parts replaced and repairs done by Lock Stop and Key. We understand what it's like to have this happen and we are quick and efficient in repairs needed to re-secure your home or business.

Here is an aluminum storefront double door that had a break in recently. This hook bolt was damaged beyond repair. We stock these kind of parts in our van for quick repairs. The mortise lock cylinder also needed replacing.

This damaged frame belongs to an aluminum storefront single door. Lock Stop and Key carefully reconstructed the frame in order to add an L shaped plate. This closes the gap and secures the door better. This plate is mounted by rivets. This is a cost saving repair as opposed to replacing the entire frame including days of work.

Don't let these thieves enter your place of business or home. There are preventative ways to detour criminals and provide more protection against destructive tools and kicks to the doors. We stock products such as The Ring doorbell for video and motion sensing technologies. Call us today and ask us about a free inspection. (707) 621-5397

Ring Doorbell, installed and sold here at Lock Stop

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