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New Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

  • Easy to Pair with your smartphone using Bluetooth

  • Use the free app to lock, unlock, manage access codes, and update lock with latest features.

  • Add Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter to lock and unlock from anywhere

  • Built in alarm technology senses potential door attacks

  • Uses the same type of encryption as many online purchases

  • Graded best in security, durability and finish

If you like convenience and security then this is the lock for you. It comes in several colors to match your current hardware. We can also quote you on replacing your knob with a handle-set as shown below. The install only takes about 45 minutes and we are available to schedule your appointment today!
Schlage Smart Locks are in stock, Lock Stop and Key.

Lock Stop installs the new Schlage Sense Smart Lock, Call today!

Night function, call Lock Stop and key to schedule and appointment today.

Smart Locks installed with handlesets. Lock Stop and Key

Call Lock Stop and Key today if you have questions or when we are available to come install a Schlage Smart Lock today. (707) 621-5397

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