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Re-keying your home or business

Rekeying Locks

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Do you really know who has a copy of your key?
We make rekeying your home or business easy and efficient. We first determain exactly how you would like the locks keyed and provide suggetions based on your instructions. Sometimes locks need to be replace for longer use. There are also times where Master keying a granny unit or rental would make more sense. We have "do not duplicate keys" available upon request.
We never forget to service and lubricate each lock and moving lock parts for smooth operation. You may have a bad "hardware store" key copy but don't worry, we can fix that sticky key.
This is a Commercial store front door lock. This is a hook bolt, 3 point locking system. We can rekey or replace the lock if necessary. There are adjustments we can make for easy function and security. We also offer guard plates for extra security. We can come out for a free quote or give us a call.
Here are some good points on why rekeying your home or business is a good idea.
1. Increased Sense of Security

Rekeying your locks can help increase your overall sense of security. This is because it is an easy way of resetting your key control and nullifying all other keys that could have operated your lock. This is a common practice among new homeowners as soon as they move in. The reason why people do this is to prevent previous homeowners, or anyone who might have a copy of the key, from just walking into a home that is no longer theirs. It effectively seals up any loose ends that might be apparent in their security, and it gives them a fresh start of sorts.

2. Cost-Effective

When it comes to rekeying the lock, the main components being changed are the key pins that are housed within the lock cylinder. These key pins are extremely inexpensive, especially when they are compared to the price of new locksets. This makes rekeying an extremely cost-effective option for homeowners who would like to change some aspect of their security without breaking the bank. The most you will have to pay for is the labor cost when you call a locksmith, or the amount of time you will spend trying to get it together yourself.

3. Quick And Easy

The process of rekeying is very quick and easy and does not require a lot of manpower, or the use of a lot of tools. Aside from a key decoder, a catch tool, spanner and the current key for the lock being rekeyed, you only need to know how to do it. It might take much longer to do if you have never done it before, but the same can be said for anyone replacing their locks without the help of a locksmith.

These panic bars are found on most commercial buildings and facilities in Sonoma and Napa counties. We install, repair and rekey them. The door closer above may need adjusting so we'll be sure to take a look at it as well. We are available for free quotes, just give us a call.

Call us at (707) 621-5397 and we can schedule you in the same day in most cases! Or plan ahead, we are fast and efficient.

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