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Welcome to Lock Stop and Key's Security Solutions department.


We have an extensive list of electronic security devices we can offer your business.  We can upgrade or maintain your current system.  We can offer several solutions to securing your business.  Call us for a visit and free quote today!

(707) 621-5397

Meet your electronics technician
Mike Rousis is well trained with 18+ years experience. 

Access Control. 

An effectively designed and implemented access control system can be the cornerstone of a business or community security plan. Access control systems can perform several key functions:

  • Security - Most businesses have areas intended for visitors, or prospective clients that essentially allow free access to anyone. Oftentimes a person may simply walk through an open or unlocked door to gain entry to the rest of the building that may include offices or warehouses where employees work. Having an effective access control system in place compliments loss prevention systems, and increases employee safety.

  • Controlling Access - Unlike hard key access, the access control system can be configured to allow individuals varying levels of access to areas of a building based on pre-defined criteria. Individuals may be able to access an area only during certain hours, or on certain days. With an access control system a lost or stolen access card can simply be deleted.

  • Access Monitoring - Access control systems can monitor entry points and sound alarms if there is an access violation. The system may also be configured to generate access reports that may include time and dates that individuals gain access or were denied access to specific areas.


We have experience designing, installing, and servicing many types of access control systems. Whether you need a simple solution for a small business or a complex solution for a large project, we can help.


We can visit your facility and discuss options and provide you with a bid.  Our services include, installing, repairing and adjustments.

ADA Operators

Call us so we can offer the best options for your automatic door operators.  It may be required by law to have one installed and we are highly experienced to handle such a task.  We provide detailed explanations on why and how it works.  

Call us today to schedule a visit. (707) 621-5397

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